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​Homework helps students by complementing and reinforcing classroom learning, fostering good lifelong learning and study habits, and providing an opportunity for students to be responsible for their own learning.

Homework is an opportunity for parents to participate in their child’s education.  Parents, in partnership with the school, should encourage children to establish good homework patterns from early primary school.

Students benefit from completing homework regularly.  Homework helps them develop organisational and time-management skills, self discipline, skills in using out-of-school resources and personal responsibility for learning.  We also have a Home Reading Program that starts in the Prep year.

Responsibilities of Students:

  • Set aside a time each day when homework can be done.

  • Complete homework to a satisfactory standard.

  • Do your best and discuss any difficulties with your teacher.

  • Return completed homework by the set return date.

  • Responsibilities of Parents / Carers

  • Ensure that each child sets aside some time each day to do homework.

  • Supervise homework and assist when necessary.

  • Provide an appropriate place where children can do homework.

  • Check whether homework has been completed and sign children’s tasks where appropriate.

  • Let your child’s teacher know if there is a genuine reason that homework was not completed.

  • Discuss the situation with your child’s teacher if your child is having difficulty completing homework without large amounts of parental input.

Responsibilities of Teachers

  • Ensure students and parents / caregivers are aware of the school’s homework policy and the classroom homework expectations.

  • Set varied and meaningful tasks related to class work and tasks that are appropriate to students’ learning needs.

  • Provide appropriate feedback in regards to homework completion.

  • Help students develop the organisational and time management skills needed for them to be responsible for their learning.

  • Communicate with parents / caregivers any problems concerning their children’s homework.

Homework Guide:

Year Level
Maximum homework time allocation per day
Parents are encouraged to read to their prep child on a daily basis. Children will start sight words based on readiness.
10 minutes
Year 1
Mainly consists of daily reading to, with or by parents / caregivers.  Students will also have a list of sight words or spelling words (based on readiness).
15 minutes
Year 2 & 3
10 minutes of daily independent reading.  Homework mainly consists of practicing weekly spelling and a weekly maths concept.
20 minutes
Year 4 & 5
15 minutes of daily independent reading.  Homework will include weekly spellings, completion / extension of class work, research, multiplication tables and a weekly maths concept
30 minutes
Year 6
20 minutes of daily independent reading.  Homework will include weekly spellings and a weekly maths concept.  Homework may also include completion / extension of class work and additional research.  Some components of Key Assessment Tasks will also be included in the homework schedule.
45 minutes