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Teaching and learning

​Currimundi State School - Learning Framework

The foundation to success at school, the work force and life begins with building strong interpersonal and collaborative skills. Add to these the ability to cooperate, to work effectively within a team, to appreciate other people’s perspectives and to demonstrate empathy each are critical skills as we move into the 21st Century. 

At Currimundi we understand the need to build social and emotional skills in parallel with cognitive (or academic) skills. It is fortunate that there is a simple way to build each of these skill domains – by comprehensively teaching the Australian Curriculum (AC). The AC not only includes the usual learning areas but also what are called the seven general capabilities (GCs). The GCs are indeed designed to build 21st Century skills.

Two of these GCs are “Critical and Creative Thinking” and “Personal and Social Skills” and at Currimundi we explicitly build these skills within each learning area.

As you view our Learning Framework (PDF 922 KB) – you will see that it is not only based on Marzano’s 10 questions (PDF 377 KB) for teachers but also on the need for:

1. Establishing strong relationships between teachers and students.

2. Clarity of what is being taught each lesson (lesson goals) and to check student’s understandings of these goals (success criteria – show what success looks like). 

3. Teachers to have a wide range of strategies from which to choose to achieve a particular purpose (to teach a new skill, to consolidate knowledge or skills, or to apply the learned skill or knowledge to new or complex situations).