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Behaviour management

By acknowledging and rewarding acts of courtesy, cooperation and striving to improve, we strive for the ultimate goal of self discipline. We are encouraging students to understand that to be successful in any task or with a​ny group of people then they need to achieve and consistently use “4 expectations”. They are Respect, Caring, Responsibility and Active Learning. If students understand how these keys break into smaller components and they use these pieces all the time, then this will benefit them in their home and school life. Students need to learn that all choices result in consequences.  Choices in behaviour may result in positive or negative consequences.  These consequences may be natural or imposed.

Our school, like many other sch​​​ools across the State, operates on a Level System.  A student who consistently displays both 'Currimundi Courtesy' and self discipline for the whole semester, will experience the positive consequence of a Level One Certificate issued with his/her Semester Report.  A Level 1 Behaviour Excellence Certificate is the highest award for any student at our school.  Students may move across Levels.  A Level 4 student has displayed behaviour that has required input support from 4 other stakeholders (e.g. Class Teacher, Parent, Administration, Guidance Officer) to strive for appropriate self discipline.  Highly unacceptable behaviour, whether one off or continued, results in time spent in the Reflection Room and possible suspension. Students may also be unable to attend school camps and excursions as a possible consequence. Each situation is considered individually.

An incentive reward system subsidised by the school for self disciplined students is our Level 1 Reward Activity Days.  Any student who is a Level 1 at the end of term is eligible to participate in a Level 1 Reward Activity.  Last year 98% of our students attended Level 1 Reward activities.

Our Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students has been endorsed by the P&C Association.

  • Bullying – Ask for help

    If a student is being bullied, feels unsafe or is concerned for the wellbeing of others, then you are encouraged to report it. However, you must be truthful and responsible.