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You will receive an invoice prior to excursions, camps and some classroom activities, however activities such as individual participation in eisteddfods, competitions, Level 1 Reward Activities may not require an invoice to be produced.  

We attempt to provide a list of anticipated expenses (PDF, 141 KB)  for each year level for the current year.  These are estimates only and variations may occur. This will be provided early in the first term.

Our school policy is “No Payment – No Participation”.  The only exception to this is if a ‘Payment Participation Form’ has been completed with a member of the administration when unforseen circumstances arise to prevent payment by the due date.

It is inappropriate to leave payment to the day of the activity as there are already many organisational procedures that have to be addressed on the day of a student activity by the classroom teacher & office staff.

The following is a list of procedures to ensure all payments made to the school are received and recorded correctly. 

Whether you are paying for an excursion, swimming, sport activities etc., the procedures are the same:-

  1. Ensure your child is catered for in advance so there is no unnecessary pressure on them and they know they are able to participate because payment has been made for them by the due date & their permission note has been completed.

  2. Provide the correct money for activities as we do not carry cash on our premises.

  3. Payment and permission slip should be forwarded in a sealed envelope with the child’s name, grade and activity on the front to the classroom teacher.

  4. Mastercard, Visa and Eftpos payments can be made at the school office.  Credit Card payments will be accepted over the phone and Direct Credit via Internet banking is also available.

  5. We also have Centrepay Deduction (through Centrelink) forms available from the office.

For further information please read our Student Payment Policy (Information for Parents/Guardians) (PDF, 34KB) and our Parent Refund Guidelines (PDF, 36KB).